5 Habits to Stay Productive During the Global Lockdown

The world is currently facing a difficult time as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Our lives are witnessing a different turn. We are all trying to adjust to a new way of life where physical meetings are discouraged. Just like me, I am sure you’re also trying hard to adjust to staying indoors for a major part of the day, probably wearing pyjamas all day and working from home. However, the 5 habits below have helped me to stay productivity during the lockdown and I believe they’ll help you too if you consider them.

Clear Identification of Daily Tasks

After carrying out my morning chores, this is the first thing I do immediately I arrive at my workspace – clearly identifying the essential tasks I have to execute for the day. Most times, I limit this list to a sizeable number I can easily manage. At times, I keep the list to just 5 tasks in the order of relevance. I will, perhaps, say this habit contributes significantly to productivity for me.

Reduced news intake

Considering that I have a background in media and communications, I have substantial understanding of how the media works. Media content, if not properly consumed, can lead you into depression. I am not saying you shouldn’t consume media contents at all, but they should be consumed appropriately. You can create specific times when you listen or watch news summary to stay updated.

Specific times of deep work

This strategy since I learnt it from Cal Newport’s book ‘Deep Work’ has proven to be effective for me. I normally take some moments to engage in total concentration on a task. During this period of deep work, I am able to channel all energy into completing a task.

Regular breaks

As expected, breaks are very important. For me, my break involves going for a long walk around the community where I live. This gives me a clear mind to think through some things.

Allotted time for family and friends

Considering that I am working from home during this global lockdown, creating time for my relatives has been very helpful. I understand such moment is very crucial if I don’t want my immediate relatives to distract me during moments of deep concentration. Similarly, I set out time to reach friends for at least an hour everyday especially after completing my task for the day.

Thank you for reading.

This article was written by Damilola Olisa. He is a career coach with specialisation in workplace productivity, personal development and career advancement. He is also the founder of Opportunity Venue.

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